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Student research projects and theses

Current topics

If you are interested in working on a thesis from the listed topics, please contact the respective person. Your own ideas and questions are also always welcome. A task suitable for the required level (study, bachelor or master thesis) will then be developed in consultation with a member of staff.

  Subject area S.A. B.Sc. M.Sc. Document Contact Person
   Flood forecasting  X X
 -  Felix Schmid
   Artificial Intelligence  X X
 -  Felix Schmid
   Urban Flood Modeling  X X X  -  Felix Schmid
  Drainage systems XXX - Felix Schmid
   Flood risk and resilience  X
 PDF-Document  Taylor Johnson
  Cascading effects in critical infrastructure X
   PDF-Document Taylor Johnson
   Modeling and optimization of infrastructure recovery     X
 PDF-Document  Taylor Johnson

Notes on the processing of student research projects and theses

All tasks are generally to be worked on in close coordination with the respective supervisor. Through regular discussions about the current status, it is possible to identify problems at an early stage and to guide the processing accordingly.

Furthermore, the "Guidelines for the Preparation of Papers, Student Theses and Dissertations" published by the Research Institute Water and Environment are to be observed.

Literature Search

Literature research ≠ Internet search!
A literature search is always based on (technical) publications, such as books, articles in professional journals ("journal papers"), research reports, dissertations, etc. If possible, the search should be conducted back to the original source. For this purpose, it helps to look into the list of sources of already found articles/reports/dissertations and to search for further relevant literature there.

Helpful links

For most searches: Use VPN!
Many databases and documents are only accessible from the university network, where by normal search from a private network accessibiltity might be limited.

  • https://books.google.de/ Google Books
    Search book contents, results can often be viewed in limited previews. Next step (if the preview is not sufficient): Is the book available directly from the publisher (e.g. via SpringerLink) or in the university library or via interlibrary loan?
  • https://scholar.google.de/ Google Scholar
    Search for scientific papers and books, if available links to PDF full texts are provided
  • http://www.ub.uni-siegen.de/ University Library
    Search books, journals, other media, search interlibrary loan catalog
  • https://link.springer.com/ SpringerLink
    Download books from Springer-Verlag free of charge
  • https://izw.baw.de/wsv/ Hydraulic Engineering Information Center
    Search for publications, media, rules and regulations of the waterways and navigation authorities and BAW
  • https://www.perinorm.com/ Perinorm
    Search and download DIN/EN/ISO standards
  • http://www.ub.uni-siegen.de/index.php?id=429 DWAdirekt (DWA rules and regulations)
    Search and download DWA rules and regulations and, among others, issues of KA (Korrespondenz Abwasser), KW (Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaft). Create your own access with your university e-mail address free of charge
  • https://www.wikipedia.org/ Wikipedia, not to be used as a source! But...
    ...as access to specialized information. Good Wikipedia articles contain literature references and help to search for the right technical terms (e.g. in Google Scholar)