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Institute for Advanced Materials and Structures (FiBB)

The Institute for Advanced Materials and Structures (FiBB) is a scientific institution of the School of Science and Technology at the University of Siegen. The FiBB currently represents a co-operation between the Chair of Structural Concrete and the Chair of Steel and Steel-Composite Construction of the Department of Civil Engineering.

The FiBB is working interdisciplinary within the School of Science and Technology and is also co-operating with other research teams and with the local building industry in the field of research, assessment and development of sustainable building materials and structures.

It contributes to solving specific, current tasks of civil engineering by executing basic research and applied research and development (R&D), such as:

  • Concrete and mortar technology,
  • Resource saving building materials,
  • Development, characterisation and numerical simulation of innovative building materials,
  • Innovative building construction methods and structures,
  • Theoretical modelling of structures made of high performance building materials,
  • Improvement of building quality, quality control,
  • Analysis of damages to structures and structural members.

The FiBB is available as a contact for all parties involved in building procedures in terms of questions concerning materials and structures and also as a research partner for the development of products.

The FiBB has the following agenda:

  • Establishment of a platform for initiation and implementation of cooperative projects,
  • Implementation of a central counterpart for the regional building industry in terms of building research,
  • Strengthening of the interdisciplinary research at the School of Science and Technology at the University of Siegen,
  • Performance of high level scientific teaching and further education.

Particular tasks of the FiBB:

  • Execution of interdisciplinary research projects in co-operation with the building industry and also with national and international research institutes. The participating institutions and scientists actively provide their knowledge and their experiences for the benefit of the FiBB projects,
  • Research and technology transfer between science and industry and into university teaching,
  • Execution and co-ordination of activities towards further education and advice,
  • Initiation and operational support as well as co-ordination of structured research and doctoral programmes.
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