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Jorge Leandro


Schmid, F., Universität Siegen, "Forecasting" (Prof. Disse, TUM)
2012-2017 Lopes, P., DEC-FCTUC (magna cum laude approval), "Numerical and experimental study of the free surface behaviour of flood control devices under turbulent conditions" (Grant: SFRH/BD/85783/2012) (Prof. Rita Carvalho, FCTUC)
2011-2016 Martins, M., DEC-FCTUC (magna cum laude approval), "Development of a State of the Art Urban Flood Model (UFM)" (Grant: SFRH/BD/81869/2011) (Prof. Slobodan Djordjevic, Exeter University)



Usman, N., "Hydrological process of integrated LID rainwater measures under the typical rainfall frequency", TUM (Co-Betreuer, Prof. Disse)
2018- Rosenberger, L. "Sustainable Drainage Systems", TUM (Co-Betreuer, Prof. Helmreich)
2017-2022 Ling, C., " Quantification of the main sources of uncertainties in urban hydrology at city scale", TUM (Co-Betreuer, Prof. Disse)
Bhola, P., "1D-2D Hydraulic urban integrated modelling for flash-floods and flood risk assessment for the Upper Main", TUM (Mentor, FloodEvac)
Beg. N., "Uncertainty analysis of hydraulic structures behaviour in urban drainage systems", UC, PT (Co-Betreuer, FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN)



Singh, P., "The impact of Climate Change on Urban Heat Island effect and Urban Flooding with Ecosystem Services as an adaptation strategy –- A Case Study in Maxvorstadt” (Prof. Disse, TUM)
2021/2022 Hotta, C., "“Modelling risks of infection from post-flood ponds exemplified by cholera in Alajo neighborhood, Accra, Ghana”" (Prof. Adzize, KNUST, Ghana)
Bauer, B., "“Design of a Flood Retention Basin in the OdawKorle Catchment, Accra”" (Prof. Adzize, KNUST, Ghana)
Hongfei, Z. "“Optimization of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based Flood Inundation Forecast: Case Study of Kulmbach” (M.Sc. Lin)
Johnson, T., TUM, "Flood Resilience in Accra, Ghana: A Framework for Modeling Recovery"” (Prof. Adzize, KNUST, Ghana)
Martinez, S., TUM, "The Impact of implementing Low Impact Development Controls on the Flood Resilience Index of the Maxvorstadt”" (M.Sc. Lin)
Fiedler, L., TUM, "Sensitivity Analysis of a Deep Learning Model for Discharge Prediction in the Regen Catchment"” (Dr. Wolfgang Kurtz, Ivana Jovanovic Buha, LRZ)
Pinto, T., TUM, "Risks of infection following exposure to floodwater contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms: a case study for cholera in Accra, Ghana"” (Prof. Adzize, KNUST, Ghana)
Shane, C., TUM, "Flood Resilience Modeling of Accra, Ghana’s Transportation Network”" (Prof. Adzize, KNUST, Ghana)
Romero, MT., TUM, “Evaluation of Urban Model Structures to Assess the Sewer Network Impact during Flash Floods"” (M.Sc. Lin)
Molla, I., TUM, "Flood risk management: A preliminary study. Los Alcázares. Región de Murcia. Spain" (M.Sc. Lin)
Liu, Chen, TUM, "Flood Forecasting using Support Vector Machine for the Gaoping River Watershed in Taiwan" (M.Sc. Lin)
Böhm, J., DTU, "Prediction of maximum flood inundation maps using Artificial Neural Networks" (1. Betreuer, Dr. Löwe, R., DTU, DK)
Zafeirakos, N., TUM, "A Study on the Mandra Flash Flood of 2017 using a coupled 1D/2D Model (SWMM/P-DWave)" (Prof. Stamou, NTUA, GR)
Bornschier, S., TUM, "Assessing the Impact of the Urban Drainage in the Flood Simulation of the Case Study in Baldwin Hills" (Prof. Sanders, UCLA, USA)
Sturm, D., TUM, „"A Study on the Simbach Flash Flood of 2016 using a coupled 1D / 2D Model”" (M.Sc. Lin)
Mengmeng, L., TUM, „The Impact of the Sewer System and Climate Change on the Flood Resilience Index for the Maxvorstadt”" (M.Sc. Lin)
Jiaying, H., TUM, „"Flood Forecasting Assessment Applying the FloodEvac-Tool for the Stations Mainleus, Unterlangenstadt and Schenkenau in Catchment of Upper Main”" (Dr. N. Beg, Tulane University, Tulane River and Coastal Center)
Rosenberg, L., TUM, „"Sustainable stormwater management under the impact of climate change: case study in a densifying neighbourhood of Munich”" (Prof. S. Pauleit, Lehrstuhl für Strategie und Management der Landschaftsentwicklung)
Crotti, TUM, „"1D River Flood Forecasts using Long Short-Term Seq2seq Neural Networks for the City of Kulmbach"“ (Prof. Arnbjerg-Nielsen, DTU)
Gerber, S., "“Multistep Flood Inundation Forecasts with Resilient Backpropagation Neural Networks: Kulmbach Case Study"” (M.Sc. Lin)
Wengrong, TUM, "„Prediction of Flood Inundation Extents with Artificial Neural Networks (ANN): Case Study of Kulmbach"“ (M.Sc. Lin)
Kai-Feng, TUM, „"A Flood Resilience Index for the Maxvorstadt: assessment of climate change impact and adaptation strategies"
Pratiwi, K., TUM, „ "Calibration and Uncertainty Quantification of a Flood Forecasting System for the upper Main catchment using the FloodEvac-Tool"“ (F. Koeck, Dienststelle Hof - Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt (LfU))
Werz, M., TUM, „"Untersuchung zur Wirksamkeit von Schwammstadt-Maßnahmen am Beispiel der Maxvorstadt München"“ (Prof. S. Pauleit, Lehrstuhl für Strategie und Management der Landschaftsentwicklung)
Ederle, S., TUM, „"A simple raster-based model for floodplain inundation and uncertainty assessment“" (M.Sc. P. bhola)
Bäumler, S., TUM, „"On the hydraulic simulation of beaver dams: a methodology for deriving depth-discharge relation"
Piao, J., FCTUC, "Influência da Contração Lateral em Diferentes Saídas de Caixas de Visita" (Prof. R. Carvalho, FCTUC)
Ferraz, V., FCTUC, "“Análise fotogramétrica de movimentos em modelos reduzidos reduzido de quebra-mares de taludes" ”(Prof. R. Carvalho, FCTUC)
Sampaio, T., FCTUC, " Modelação de Cheias em Meio Urbano: mapas de Inundação e de Risco" (Prof. R. Carvalho, FCTUC)
Lopes, P., FCTUC, "Verificação de um modelo numérico misto ar/água" (Prof. J. Abreu, FCTUC)
Martins, R., FCTUC, "Verificação em VOF do elemento de ligação colector/superfície"”, Prize Àguas de Coimbra (water utilities), best MSc student (Prof. R. Carvalho, FCTUC)
Silva, J., DEI-FCTUC, 2010/2011: “"Desenvolvimento de um controlador para um circuito hidráulico"” (Prof. R. Carvalho e Prof. J. Henriques, DEI-FCTUC)
Roque, J., FCTUC, 2010/2011: "Medição de alturas de água usando visão computacional num modelo de Simulink" (Prof. R. Carvalho, FCTUC)
Querido, J., FCTUC, "Coeficientes de vazão nas caixas de visita com geometrias variadas" (Prof. R. Carvalho, FCTUC)



2020/2021 Schubert, P., "Managing the risk of flooding in Accra, Ghana" (Prof. Adzize, KNUST, Ghana)
2020/2021 Viveros, I., "Implementation of the Agent Based Model MALCAM for the determination of Actual Biting Rate of Anopheles gambiae s.s and its Relation with Flooding Scenarios in Alajo, Greater Accra, Ghana" (Prof. Adzize, KNUST, Ghana)
2020/2021 Hongfei, Z., “"Optimization of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based Flood Inundation Forecast: Case Study of Kulmbach"” (M.Sc. Lin)
2020/2021 Weisgerber, C., "Analyse des Einflussfaktors Gebäude auf das Verhalten von Sturzfluten mit Hilfe des hydrodynamischen 2D-Modells – P-DWave" (M.Sc. Lin)
2020/2021 Bauer, B., TUM, "Analyse des Einflussfaktors Gebäude auf das Verhalten von Sturzfluten mit Hilfe des hydrodynamischen 2D-Modells „P-DWave" (M.Sc. Lin)
2019/2020 Romero, D., TUM, "Development of an automatic calibration algorithm for Larsim hydrological model"
2019/2020 Dendorfer, L., TUM, “"Analyse des Einflussfaktors Gebäude auf das Verhalten von Sturzfluten mit Hilfe eines hydrodynamischen 2D-Modells”"
2019/2020 Meola, I., TUM, “"Integrated Water Resources Management on Graciosa and Sao Jorge Islands, Portugal”" (Prof. Rodrigues, University of Azores)
2019/2020 Warmedinger, L., TUM, “"A Study on Influencing Factors of Flash Floods with the Hydrodynamic Model P-DWave"
2019/2020 Arivalagan, A., TUM, “"1D (SWMM) –- 2D (P-DWave) coupled modelling for flood inundation analysis in Kulmbach".
2019/2020 Scolari, F., TUM, “"A Study on Influence Factors of Flash Floods by 2D Hydrodynamic Model A Case Study in Simbach am Inn”"
2019/2020 Schmidt, F., TUM, “"1D Überflutungsanalyse des Kanalnetzes Baiersdorf mittels PCSWMM”"
2019/2020 Meißner, B., TUM, “"A Study on Programming the Groundwater Equation for Confined Aquifers”"
2019/2020 Pinto, T., TUM, "„Evaluation of health effects from exposure to microbial contaminants in urban floodwater: a review of assessment methods for Health Impact Assessment“"
2018/2019 Johnson, T., TUM, „"Adapting flood risk management to improve flood resilience"“ (Prof. M. Disse).
2018/2019 Montserrat, H., TUM, „"Characterization of the sediment concentration transported with artificial rainfall on an impermeable concrete surface“" (Prof. Silveira, UNIFAL, Brazil)
2018/2019 Crotti, G., TUM, „"2D Real-time flood forecast using hybrid historical and synthetic runoff databases" “ (M.Sc. P. Bhola)
2018/2019 Bell, B., TUM, "1D Model set up and validation of the sewer network of the city of Simbach using PCSWMM"
2018/2019 Sturm, D., TUM, „"A Study of the Simbach Flash Flood of 2016 using a 2D parallel diffusive wave model (P-DWave)"” (M.Sc. Q. Lin)
2018/2019 Cunneff, S., TUM,„ "Resilience modeling of flood induced electrical distribution network failures in Maxvorstadt, Munich, Germany“" (M.Sc. L. Viernstein, Chair of High Voltage Engineering)
2018/2019 Hannah, S., TUM, „"Dezentrale Hochwasserrückhalt im Sempt - Schwillach Einzugsgebiet "“ (Hecker, C., WWA Erding)
2018/2019 Zwirglmaier, V., TUM, „"Flood Inundation Prediction with Bootstrap Based Artificial Neural Networks (BANNs) A Case Study in Kulmbach"“ (M.Sc. Q. Lin)
2016/2017 Coral, C., TUM, "„Precipitation uncertainty for characterization of the Unit Hydrograph using a rainfall simulator with an impermeable surface“"



2017/2018 Gander, A., TUM, „"Entwicklung und Vergleich von Methoden zur Hochwasservorhersage mittels des FloodEvac-Tools"“
2016/2017 Seidl, F., TUM,“ "Durchflussmessungen durch indirekte Messverfahren an der Mangfall”"
2014/2015 Cavalcante, N., RUHR,“ Sensitivitätsanalyse Der Wellenablaufsberechnung Hinsichtlich der Änderung der Flussnetzwerkdichte" (M.Sc. H. Oppel)
2014/2015 Behnke, T., RUHR, "„Ein „semi-distributed“ Model: Kalibrierung in SWMM hinsichtlich der Änderung der Flussnetzwerkdichte, Gerinnebreite und Rauheit am Fallbeispiel des Einzugsgebiets der Mulde“"
2014/2015 Littfinsky, T., RUHR, "Optimierung der Komplexität eines Kanalnetzes: Emscher (EmG)"
2013/2014 Dichtl, M., RUHR, "Sensitivitätsanalyse von Niederschlag-Abfluss und Wellenablauf Berechnungen hinsichtlich der Änderung der Flussnetzwerkdichte" (M.Sc. H. Oppel)
2012/2013 Bangre, S., RUHR, "Ermittlung von Niedrigwasserwahrscheinlichkeiten und deren regionaler Vergleich innerhalb eine Flussgebietes" (Prof. Dr. A. Schumann)
2012/2013 Giskes, A., RUHR, "Planung der Neugestaltung des ökologisch durchgängigen Unterlaufes eines mittleren Wasserköpers unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der EU-Richtlinien" Wupperverband Preis Studienarbeit" (Dipl. Ing. T. Fork)