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Research Philosophy

The Dept. of Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Engineering deals intensively with national and international research issues aiming at the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development goals and implementation of the Sendai framework as defined by the UNDRR. The tackling of disaster risk mitigation of flood extreme events with the development of sophisticated modelling tools are the core of our research.

The aim of the department is to combine the expertise of the disciplines of Flood Forecasting and Numerical Modelling, Design of Hydraulic Structures and, Risk-Resilience and Cascading Effects by means of 1D/2D/3D numerical models and experimental works, to advance research which is meaningful for practical application.

To fulfil our aim, students at our University play a pivotal role. In fact, we see the main role of research as to support teaching. Only then it is possible to accelerate the uptake of innovative technologies into the professional world. That is why we blende our own research into the master classes. The aim is to enable future professionals to become familiar with new methods and tools and make it easier to transfer them into practice. By doing so, it is possible to benefit the uptake and faster technology transfer to the real world and benefit future generations.

Additionally, the most relevant research results are published in numerous national and international technical papers, discussed at international level at regular scientific meetings,  and exchanged within research projects. Therefore, the department maintains multiple interdisciplinary cooperation with national and international universities, public authorities, and companies.