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We are prepared to support you and, as experts for geotechnics in the sense of DIN 1054 and DIN 4020, offer advice and assistance with geotechnical issues. Geotechnical investigations and calculations, the development of special test facilities or scaled model tests can be implemented on a project-oriented basis. In addition, the monitoring and expert evaluation of construction tasks is also possible in cooperation with external partners. The soil mechanics laboratory has extensive facilities for carrying out soil mechanics laboratory tests, among other things in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17892 series of standards, as well as the currently valid German industrial standards. These include tests for the classification of soils, soil engineering tests as well as tests on deformation and strength behaviour such as compression and shear tests up to triaxial tests also for large sample diameters.

For geotechnical exploration in the field, dynamic probing devices (DPL, DPM and DPH) are available. Direct explorations can be carried out as small bores. Furthermore, static and dynamic plate-pressure tests, all procedures of in-situ density investigations and density tests with the isotope probe can be carried out. A test pit, an earth pressure box and an open-air hall are equipped for large-scale tests and earthwork tests.

Contact for all enquiries:  Kerstin Lesny Olaf Bublitz