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CoDiLe – Collaborative Digital Learning

Project Data

Duration: 01.01.2022 bis 31.12.2022
Coordinator: University of Siegen, Research Institute for Water and Environment (fwu)
Cooperation partners:
Various international institutions and universities (Details)

Partner Country Lecturer Theme
University of Siegen Germany Prof. Leandro Urban flood forecasting
TU Kaiserslautern Germany Prof. Jüpner Coping with extreme flood events
Stadt Bochum Germany Dipl.-Ing. Engels Resilience and adaptivity in strategic urban drainage planning
RWTH Aachen Germany Prof. Schüttrumpf The transport and fate of mircoplastics in fluvial and marine ecosystems
TU Hamburg Germany Prof. Fröhle Climate Change and Future Options for Adapted Protection against Flooding
TU München Germany Prof. Disse Pre-screening hazard-maps for Flash floods in Bavaria
University of Rostock
Prof. Arns
Coastal dynamics
University of Messina Italy Prof. Aronica Flood risk maps and dissemination of information to the public
KTH Stockholm Sweden Prof. Bhattacharya Groundwater pollution - Arsenic fate
University of Exeter United Kingdom (GB) Prof. Chen Water and Public Health
University of Sheffield United Kingdom (GB) Dr. Shucksmith Introduction to Flood risk modelling
University of Oxford United Kingdom (GB) Dr. Pant System-of-systems risk assessments of large-scale transport networks
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Ghana Prof. Ahadzie Assessing the capacity of communities to flood resilience in greater Kumsmsi, Ghana
UCI California United States (USA) Prof. Sanders Modelling and Mapping compound (pluvial, fluvial and coastal) flood hazards
UTSA Texas United States (USA) Dr. Datta Water resources and quality
University of Coimbra Portugal Prof. Carvalho Detailed flow through and around hydraulic infrastructures
Project management: Leon Jänicke, M.Sc.
Taylor Johnson, M.Sc.
Projekt members: Felix Schmid, M.Sc.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jorge Leandro
Sponsor: Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW (https://www.mkw.nrw)
Stifterverband (https://www.stifterverband.org)
Funding program: Fellowships for innovations in digital university teaching (digiFellows)
Funding focus: Digitization of teaching


Aim and content of the project




The aim of the project "CoDiLe - Collaborative Digital Learning" is to create a new international module "Water challenges in a changing world" in the form of a lecture series, which on the one hand takes up the advantages of digitized teaching and on the other hand offers a unique opportunity for individual users to design the Course themselves. The module primarily addresses master’s degrees in the fields of environmental and engineering studies and is created in cooperation with several high-ranking national and international universities. Each of the 16 project partners participates in a video presentation on a topic of their expertise. This guarantees a very high level and at the same time covers a wide range of subject areas, addressing a large number of students. As a result of the digital structure, different learning speeds are becoming less important and equal opportunities are guaranteed.

Each thematic block is self-contained and modular. Didactically, the focus is on “blended learning” with the use of “flipped classrooms” and a combination of asynchronous and synchronous sessions with the respective lecturers. The aim is to interact via online forums and then enter into a discussion with the experts. The range of available topics is more extensive than the required semester performance, which enables students to design the module themselves.