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WaL3D - Hydraulic Engineering Practical Laboratory 3D

Project Data

Duration: 01.06.2023 - 31.12.2023
Lead: University of Siegen, Research Institute for Water and Environment (fwu)
Project management: M.Sc. Taylor Glen Johnson
Project staff:

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Wieland
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jorge Leandro

Project funding: Commission for Quality Improvement in Teaching and Learning, University of Siegen
Funding program: Besser innovativ! 2023
Funding Focus: Innovative Teaching Formats
Further information:  


Aim and content of the project




In the scope of this project, a new course called “Hydraulic Engineering Practical Laboratory 3D” was created with the aim of expanding beyond the traditional hydraulics lecture format to incorporate the most cutting-edge design methods and materials. Students participating in the newly created course receive practical experience working to create three-dimensional designs of hydraulic structures in AutoCAD. The CAD models are then printed by the students using our in-house, industrial 3D printer and tested in the hydraulics laboratory. A three-dimensional simulation of the laboratory experiments is produced using OpenFOAM with the results visualized in Paraview. This innovative course will help students gain valuable skills and prepare them to tackle the most challenging of design problems.